Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Best of our Pirate Ryland

Best of Ginny Weasley, student at Hogwarts, a.k.a. Darcy

Best of our Mickey Mouse - Caelan
 Apparently we decided on a black and red theme for Halloween this year without even realizing it!  Caelan was all over getting dressed up this year and was really excited about being Mickey Mouse.  We went out with the Girls for a little while and Caelan kept signing for the girls to come back whenever they went up to a house to trick or treat.  After the first street we headed back home while the Girls trucked on.  It was a beautiful night but cold enough for a little guy sitting in a wagon.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate being discharged from the hospital!


  1. They all look so darn cute, I love Halloween it is such a fun time of the year no stress just fun:) Glad to see all three of the Piché family enjoying themselves actually even Damian looks like he was into it? Did you dress up Tanya if yes need a picture? xx

  2. Love the pics...everyone looks so happy : ) & healthy!

  3. Great costumes kids!

    Love Auntie Tam