Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Rudolph Day!

Do you know what Rudolph Day is?

Did you know that there are 61 days until Christmas?

Well I *LOVE* Christmas.  It's my favourite holiday.  However, the excitement and let's face it, stress, of the season sometimes get to me.  I've been known to get sick at Christmas more than once and have come to realize that I need to learn a way to handle the stress of the season if I want to truly enjoy it. 

My search was mainly on-line and I've found lots of suggestions.  There are tons of Christmas blogs out there; people who keep the Christmas Spirit alive all year round.  That's where I first heard of Rudolph Day.  The Rudolph Club is a group of people that put some thought into Christmas on the 25th of every month.  Starting.  In.  January.   uh huh.  They're planning they're holiday menu this month, but they've already made gift lists, organized gift cupboards, and started shopping.  I wasn't sure I could go that far but am amazed at how many people out there do!!  Go ahead google it.  I dare you!

I certainly admit to being a bit of a control freak and a definite list lady and came across a website that I do enjoy.  Organized Christmas is a spin off of Organized Home another interesting site where I've found some useful information.  At Organized Christmas they have a 6 week Christmas Countdown that started this past Sunday.  This week is all about planning, calendars and lists.  They encourage you to create a Christmas Planner which is something I did last year for myself and found extremely helpful.  I made mine small enough that I could carry it in my purse so when I was out and about I was able to keep track of my purchases.  I knew who I still had on my list and who I was definitely done shopping for.  In my planner I had pages for budgets, calendars to record holiday parties and events, menu planners, baking lists and home spruce up ideas I wanted to accomplish before the big day.  Hmm... Can you tell I get excited about the planner?  Really, though, the point is that if you follow the 6 week countdown you're way ahead of the game.  The 6 weeks end early in December and you're able to relax and enjoy the holiday season!

My question to you is when do you start thinking about Christmas?


  1. usually August! I find that is when I have to start if I want to get christmas cards made and othe homemeade gifts.

    So yes I am well into christmas planning. :-)


  2. I am trying Tanya enjoying the planner you made for me even if I was so excited I took it out a month early. I am not going to be running around on the 24th looking for those last things I need this year. (Now that I am retired I have NO excuse for it:) Oh you would think after all these years of us being family that some of your good habits would have rubbed off on me, there is hope that is what I am believing in:) xx
    I love Christmas too, the lights, the music everything about it!

  3. OK...well now thanks to you and Rudolph Day I'm thinking of Christmas today! I did manage to pick up some gifts during my trip over to NS this past weekend..I can cross 4 names off my list and got some stuff for Kira..go me! Normally I am bit of a last minute shopper..or at least I'm end of November start of December shopper...I just can't think about shopping for Christmas in August! I like the idea of the 6 week planner and I'm going to check out those blogs...Thanks girlfriend : )