Friday, October 28, 2011


It doesn't feel so great to be right...  Ya know, when I said they'd admit him because they never know what else to do...

Caelan has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for respiratory distress.

While in the Emergency Room he received an epi mask which I believe is an anti inflammatory.  It seemed to work well at getting rid of the stridor and easing Caelan's work at breathing.  The same surgeon that we talked to this afternoon will be in tomorrow morning.  I believe the plan is to try and get another scope done to see what's going on.


  1. Oh Tanya, this must be so scarey and discouraging. Time to find the answers, do the tests and gain some direction from the results. Your gut will work better than your head this weekend. Know that we all love you and long for good news. This is going to take so much strength. Leans on each other and others when you can. We are back Sunday night and ready to help with whatever you need. So sorry to hear this news. We have a great area for trick or treating if you want me to pick up girls and take them around on Monday. Just say the word...great loot here. Love you and hoping for good good things. Big hugs to all of you and please kiss that brave boy of yours.
    Joanna XXOO

  2. Hang in there guys! Your Mr. C. is a strong little man! xoxoxoxoxoxox