About me

I married my high school sweetheart on a beach in Barbados in 1997.  Damian is an amazing husband and father and I'm so happy that he puts up with me.  Our first daughter, Ryland, was born in 2001.  Followed by our baby girl, Darcy, in 2003 and son Caelan in 2008. 

I became a Stay at Home Mom after Caelan was born because of the numerous trips and stays to the hospital that this boy makes!  Recently we reversed rolls and I returned to work while Damian took a leave of absence.

Caelan has CHARGE and I began writing about his journey shortly after he was born.  You can read about that here.  As Caelan's health stabilized I realized that I wanted to record more special moments for our family.

I am not a writer, but am enjoying the opportunity to share our lives, our laughs and our love!