Blog Roll

I read blogs for various reasons...

To make me laugh, I read Pretty All True.  The author has two daughters and two dogs and I LOVE reading her interpretation of the drama going on their household.  She's focusing more on her book right now, but that's ok because I'm still reading her archives and trying not to pee my pants!

For inspiration I read One Twenty-Five.  What an amazing young lady Liz is.  She's been blogging about fitness and weight loss, but more recently about how she quit her job and travelled to Berlin to run a marathon, Croatia to sit on the beach with a boy, Nepal to reach Base Camp... and that's only the beginning!

For a supportive and understanding voice I read What I Would Tell You.  There are days when I read Julie's articles and I think she must have been eaves dropping on my most inner thoughts.  I encourage everyone to take a moment and ...

When Caelan was first diagnosed with CHARGE I was scared.  I was nervous about what the future would hold for my son, and even more so after he was trached.  I began searching the internet, not for facts and stats, but for real people and their stories.  People who were going through the same challenges and had the same concerns.  I was amazed by all the supportive, encouraging and kind words I found in the following blogs...


There are more and I'll continue to add to this page...