Saturday, July 30, 2011

camp, camp and cosmic

All three kids had a fun & busy week last week.

Ryland went to a horseback riding camp and LOVED it.  She would love to go back again sometime this summer.  They started off riding with a camp leader holding the reins and leading the horse around, and finished the week riding all alone through the trails.  They even trotted!  They spent some time learning some general information about horses.  They also needed to brush the horses and prepare their food.  When not with the horses they spent time doing crafts, swimming, and canoeing.  All in all she had a great time and had lots of stories to tell us everynight.

Ryland and Toupet

Not a great picture, but that's what happens when photographs are stuck in a bag with a wet bathing suit and towel... and then forgotten about...

Darcy was at the same camp but she participated in an Arts and Crafts camp.  She spent time making all kinds of crafts, but also played volleyball and soccer.  She swam twice everyday, went on nature walks, canoed, and caught frogs.  She too came home full of stories to tell of fun times at camp.  On her last day she came home looking like this:

cheeky girl
 Caelan had a fairly quite week with no girls home.  He did get a special treat though and spent a super fun morning at Cosmic Adventures.  He had a blast there with Gramma and Daddy!  It's full of tunnels, slides, ball pits and other cool stuff.  We may have to look into making this a more regular outing for him.

And the best part... kids who have days full of fun and excitement come home exhausted and there are no fights about going to bed! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something to think about...

You have been given this day to use as you will. 
You can waste it or you can use it for good. 
What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.
When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in it’s place is something that you have left behind….
Let it be something good.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Walker

Look at our boy standing so proud and tall!
He had a full morning of therapy on Monday, seeing OT, PT and SLP.  All in all that makes for a very tired boy, but not too tired to show off his new walker!  He loves it!! It gives him such independence.  He's able to stand tall in it, bearing full weight on his legs, or he's able to relax and rest on the tiny seat when he tires out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - movie dance scenes

The idea for this post has been in the making for some time.  I should start off by explaining that my husband is a huge Quentin Tarantino fan.  We have a cd of some of the more well known music used in his movies.  On this cd he explains how he believes that music in a movie should completely change the way you hear that particular song.  It should make it so that you can't hear that song without thinking of the scene in which it was playing. 

Top Ten {Tuesday}

This was my inspiration for a Top Ten Tuesday list.  However, I quickly realized that I had to be more specific.  I already had enough songs for three lists!!  (Be forewarned of more "music in movies" lists to come!)  I also realized that when discussing music in movies and how they impact your reactions to that song, there's no place for musicals, because once again that's an entirely different list!!

So, as dance has always been so close to my heart, I've decided that my first list will be songs that are playing in movie scenes where the actors are actually dancing.

  1. Devil went down to Georgia in Coyote Ugly.  Loved the song before the movie and now I can't hear it without picturing those girls dancing on top the bar.
  2. Can't take my eyes off of you in The Ten Things I Hate about You.  Heath Ledger on the bleachers trying to impress Julia Stiles. 
  3. Footloose in Footloose... don't remember much else about the whole movie other than this dance!
  4. Old time rock and roll in Risky Business - Hello?  who doesn't think of Tom Cruise in his tighty whities and socks?? 
  5. Time of my life in Dirty Dancing.  However, because I loved this movie so much and watched it so many times I can picture just about every musical scene!  Big girls don't cry was a close second.
  6. You should be dancing in Saturday Night Fever - John Travolta struttin' his stuff on that lit up dance floor.  You'd think Staying Alive would make the list but (un)fortunately a different memory trumps that movie scene!
  7. You never can tell in Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman and John Travolta are in the twist contest.  Another close second is You'll be a woman soon.  It's is the song Uma turns on when they get home from Jack Rabbit Slims.
  8. Stop the rock in Boys and Girls.  Ok, I LOVE this song and I always remember this scene.  Do you think I could remember the movie or who stared in it?  Nope!  Had to search for it and it wasn't easy.  It's Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani.  Couldn't say the movie was memorable but I remember the dance scene in the club.  The song right after it is Carwash and the club sprays or pumps soapbubbles onto the dance floor!
  9. What a feeling in Flashdance is the song Jennifer Beals dances to at the end.  It wouldn't surprise me if many people, namely men, remember Maniac more clearly.  That's the song where she works herself into a frenzy, running in place and sweating
  10. Tequila  - I hate to say it but ever since I started this list I have to admit that the image of Pee Wee Herman dancing to this song keeps coming back... It's so sad, but true.  Thank goodness it doesn't play on the radio very often!
I'm curious to know what movie's dance scenes come to your mind when you hear the song playing on the radio?? 
Is it Twist and Shout when Ferris Bueller takes over the float in the parade on his, what? ninth day skipping school?? 
Or is it Now that we found love in the final scene of Hitch when they're all dancing down the aisle??  (love that one!)
Or is it Livin la vida loca from the end of one of the Shrek movies??  I think animated films might just be another list all on their own...There are so many!! 
Okay, so what about you??  What's your pic??

Monday, July 25, 2011

need help!!

Our garden is full of zucchini and they're growing at the speed of light!  (I added the fork to give you some perspective.)  Oh, and I've already got one in the freezer.  Help!  So, I ask you my friends, what is your favourite zucchini recipe?  Do you have any that are freezer friendly?  Please share... I can only make so many loaves of zucchini bread!!
Looking forward to hearing from you.

p.s  Anyone know what's up with the stripe-y one at the top?

Friday, July 22, 2011

great quote

"May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite  possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.  It is there for each and every one of us."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm not complaining

but jeez it sure is stinkin' hot!!

Damian took this picture of our thermostat today.
Oh, and I should clarify that our thermometer outside is in the shade... So, that's +41 degrees celcius in the shade before the humidity?!?!

But I'll take this over -40 anyday!!!

Sisterly love is lost

Summer is officially here and the war of the sisters has begun.
Check out the bedroom door signs I came home to on Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nephrology Update

Caelan had an appointment with Nephrology yesterday.  He has routine 6 month appointments to keep an eye on his kidney function, with blood and urine analysis being done every 3 months.

The results of these tests are never great.  They're often referred to as acceptable, said with hesitation.  We've been introduced to the terms "kidney failure" and "kidney disease", both a real concern.  Not words anyone wants to hear but we knew we'd be lucky to escape them.

I've said before, with Caelan's more obvious medical issues - his tracheostomy and g-tube feeding - I've often 'forgotten' about that lonely solitary kidney that we can't see.  It's easier to ignore than those things that are so in your face. 

Well once again, the results weren't good.  Creatinine levels are used to measure kidney function.  Caelan's creatinine levels are 30% higher than the max they like to see.  Like I said, not good.  The only positive is that the levels haven't increased.  They actually have been very consistent over the past year, unfortunately, just consistently high. 

The protein levels in his urine are also high, another precursor to kidney disease.  In this regard, there's talk of a different medication that they'd like to try with Caelan.  It's primary function is to lower blood pressure and a side effect is that it lowers the protein levels.  Obviously he'd be taking it for the side effect.  Since the primary function of the drug is to lower blood pressure they'd prefer to first give it to him under observation in hospital.  No prescription has been written yet, probably will be at our next visit.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've been a bit of a Grumpy Gert lately... For no real reason that I can think of.
It's time to get over it, whatever it is.
With that in mind, I decided that this week's Top Ten Tuesday should focus on something positive. So here's my attempt at the ten things I'm most grateful for today.
  1. SNOOZE BUTTON  Oh, how I love my snooze button. Not a morning goes by that we don’t touch base. I wish I was one of those people that jumped out of bed as soon as my alarm went off, but I’m not.
  2. AIR CONDITIONING  With the weatherman suggesting a humidex in the mid 40's I'm grateful for having air conditioning at work, home and in the cars.
  3. POOL  Nothing beats jumping in the pool to lower your body temperature on these hot summer days. Ok, if you know me you are probably aware that I rarely actually ‘jump’ in, but the result is the same.
  4. BARBECUE  Being able to cook an entire meal on the barbecue and not having to worry about heating up the kitchen is fabulous.
  5. HEALTH  Before Caelan I’m not sure that I ever really realized how grateful we should be for our health. Now, I’m very conscience of the days when we’re germ free.
  6. FAMILY  I could probably make a top ten list just on family. I have an understanding husband who is  courageously staying home with three kids while I return to work. I have great kids who occasionally drive me absolutely mad, but for the most part brighten my days. We have parents and sisters who are continuously there for us in so many ways. Today, more specifically, I have fabulous in-laws, who watched the girls when Caelan had his appointment at CHEO today.
  7. FRIENDS For listening.  For being there.
  8. NURSING  In our attempt to arrange nursing care for Caelan's preschool in the Fall, it's made me realize just how lucky we are to have 8 hours of coverage every night. I can't imagine what kind of zombies we'd be without them.
  9. WORK  I'm grateful to hand off the new hires at work to their support agents and to be back at my desk. I'm happy to be reorganizing the material, preparing for the next session and catching up on all things missed during the 5 weeks of training.
  10. GOOD BOOKS  Loving my summer fluff!
Top Ten {Tuesday}

Surprise visits from my guys makes me smile!!!
Especially when the day was dragging.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The week I shouldn't have driven

Saturday:  I drove into town to do some groceries.  There was a tiny bird on the road who simply didn't fly away in time.  I shmucked him.  A little bit of background may be in order.  When I was younger I used to always tease my Mom for 'braking for birds" when she drove.  "They always fly away" I'd tell her.   Apparently, they don't.

Sunday:  I didn't drive anywhere.

Monday:  A small mole like creature ran out on the road in front of me and I flattened him.  Two for two.

Tuesday:  It was a stupid squirrel.  Let me note that before this week I have never hit anything!! The squirrel was sitting on the edge of the road and did that crazy indecisive thing they often do. He darted into the road a few steps then turned and ran off the road and then dashed back right in front of me.  Shmuck!  Three for three.  I'm not proud.

Wednesday:  Caelan and I went out to Poppa and Lolo's for dinner and a visit.  I had my purse, a change of clothes, Caelan's backpack, emergency kit and suction machine. I was trying to juggle all this stuff and determine how I was going to pick up Caelan.  Let's face it I was out of practice since going back to work!  I shoved the change of clothes in the backpack and tossed my purse back in the van, figuring I wouldn't need it.  Got myself all reorganized and headed inside.  It was only at 9 o'clock when we were on our way out the door that I realized that I did need my purse, or at least the van keys that were in it!!  ARGH!  Thankfully Poppa has CAA and we didn't have to wait the forewarned hour and a half for the kind gentleman to come and unlock it for me.

Friday:  I'm heading home after what's already been a long week when, just before my exit, my front driver's side tire blows.  Lovely!!  I'm notorious for leaving my cell phone at home or not having it charged and I've never been so gratefull that Friday I had it and it worked!!  I called my most wonderful hubby who had to pack up all three kids and come and change the tire for me.  I like to think that worst case secenario I could have started changing it and some friendly person would take pity on me and would've stopped to help.  Lesson learned though.  Must keep phone charged and with me.

Hope you had better luck driving last week!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

together again

My son is a 'herder'.  Let me explain.

Ryland had golf camp this past week at Highlands where Nana and Grampsy play.  It made sense that she would spend the week at their house and they would bring her back and forth to camp when they went to play golf.  The whole family drove into Orleans to drop Ry off on Sunday afternoon.  We all went in to say our goodbyes and fill up on our hugs and kisses for the week.  I'm not sure that Caelan understood what was going on.  When the four of us returned to the van and buckled up to head home, Caelan was frantically signing for Ry to come.  He knew his sister was missing and was very concerned about us leaving her behind.  In fact, he got quite upset over it all.  He likes to have us all together.

You can only imagine what happened when the following day Darcy left for Gramma's!  Caelan had his usual therapy at OCTC on Monday morning and Gramma came out to spend some time with Darcy.  The plan was to swim in the pool but the weather didn't cooperate.  When Damian and Caelan came home, it was agreed that Darcy could go and spend a couple nights at Gramma's house.  One on one time at Gramma and Grampa's is not something to be passed up on!!  Darcy had a blast and had Gramma playing nonstop for two full days!!  Offers of museums, movies, and other fun stuff did nothing to disuade her from full fledge playing.  That girl has an amazing imagination and loves having someone who will play by her rules!  Caelan has been deemed the worst player, which is sad because all he ever wants is to play with her, but he certainly doesn't follow her rules!!  Anyway all this being said, when I came home he repeatedly asked "girls where?"

On Wednesday evening, with Ry and Darcy both off being indulged by Grandparents in Orleans, and Damian at jiujitsu, Caelan and I headed off to Poppa and Lolo's for dinner and a visit.  I think because we weren't at home, Caelan wasn't as preoccupied with where the rest of his family was.  Don't get me wrong, he still asked, just not constantly.  May have something to do with plugging him in to some cartoons too!!

On Thursday the whole family was at Nana and Grampsy's for dinner.  A reunion of sorts and Caelan was not happy about his sisters taking off downstairs to play without him.  How could they not want to spend every minute with him was incomprehensible!!  "Girls come here"  was on replay!!  At one point Caelan and I were practicing going up the stairs.  When Caelan saw Nana watching him he encouraged her to join us immediately.  When the girls were spotted they had to come to.  When we got high enough that he could see Daddy in the living room, "come Daddy, come here".  What a sight!!  All six of us on the staircase!  With all of us together we made it to the top!!  He was estatic to have everyone together.  At the end of the night, we once again left Ry behind with promises to Caelan that she would be home the following night. 

It was a quiet week... let me rephrase... the house was quiet.  So weird.

This weekend we're all back together... well at least all sleeping under the same roof.  Yet, we're still hounded constantly with questions of "Daddy where?", "Girls where?" and "Momma where?"  over and over again.  If he can see you, it's "come here". 

He wants us all together.

He's herding his family together.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Report cards!

It's taken me so long to post this...  They brought home their report cards at the end of June and time has just been flying by since then!

So, this is just a quick note to say that the girls brought home some fabulous report cards at the end of the school year.  They did really well and more importantly put in lots of effort.  Their teachers had very positive and encouraging things to say about each of them.

We are so proud of them.

I think I say it every year, but I can't believe that Ryland will be in Grade 5 and Darcy in Grade 3 in the Fall!!!


This working for a living things really isn't all it's cracked up to be! 

Work has once again become work. 

At first it was fun to get dressed up, put on make up, get out of the house, and talk to adults all day.  Then a month ago a group of new hires started and I sat in on their licensing course to reacquaint myself with the material.  I really enjoyed this, as the subject matter hadn't changed much in the past three years and I regained confidence in my abilities. 

Then whirlwind product training started and my days were extended from 8 hours to more like 12 and I was bringing stuff home to read and prepare for the next days lessons.  This, I didn't feel confident delivering.  Some days were better than others.  It was overwhelming and exhausting.  So many things had changed and to make matters worse this was kind of a trial group and we weren't really following any pre-developped training package.  I was winging it.  With no confidence.  Ugh. 

I like doing my job well.  I like knowing my stuff. 

I don't like when I don't know.  It stresses me out.

Two thirds of training is now complete.  The next two weeks conisist of more 'hands on' training.  Usually this responsibility falls on someone else but I still seem to be heavily involved in supporting the new agents.  Another area I don't feel extremely confident in.  I'm second guessing all my decisions and I hate it.

Two and a half years.

What a difference it can make.

I'm just not so sure about anything anymore.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Canada Day Part II

Last minute plans are sometimes the best!
We had no plans for Canada Day and the girls were excited for a day at home.  A few phonecalls were made and before noon a plan was in motion.

I was so happy that everything had come together on such short notice.  I was thrilled that Joanna, Bert and Campbell hadn't left on vacation yet.  I was anxious to see Heather, Graham and Logan and estatic that I was going to be able to give them all big hugs.  Sometimes phonecalls and words over e-mail just aren't enough.

Everyone needed some hugs and it was time for a CHEO TRIO Reunion!!


Someone made sure that Cami had his fair share of cars too!

Logan is keeping his eyes on that pool water over there... so serious

My only picture of our three boys

Look at this unbelievable woman.  She is the picture of strength.  I'm so happy that they decided to come and spend Canada Day with us after such a traumatic day the day before.  I'm not sure I would have been ready to face people and smile.  That's one of the best thing about getting together with the people who "get it" - you don't always have to smile, and even a tear or two seems to be the norm!


Moments after this picture was taken, Logan snapped a picture of me taking a picture of him.  He was saying 'cheese' behind the camera but you couldn't see it!  I had to choose this one to post since it's the only one where he was smiling.  He may look like his Dad but he handles that camera just like his Mom! 

sticky marshmallow fingers

Apparently Graham had something against our pink camouflage lawn chair.  It broke after a couple hours, and then completely collapsed about an hour after that!  Made for lots of laughs.  Story goes that it must have been a cheap chair - hmph!!! 

Darcy, Ryland, Heather's Mom Gail and Heather
You're never too old for sparkler fun!!

Caelan and Daddy with their sparkler

Logan's not so sure about the fireworks

Nope.  He's sure.  Doesn't like them!

Let me show you to the door
Thanks for making this a fabulous Canada Day!!
I'm looking forward to many more impromptu get-togethers!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Canada Day Part I

I'm happy with so many of the "us" pictures I took on Canada Day.  Thought I'd share. 

Put the hose down, please.

What are those girls doing over there?

This hat only comes out once a year :)

Only two days 'til Katy Perry!!!

"with my car Momma"

whatcha thinkin?

move, jump, spin!

nose in a book, of course!


Hope you enjoyed a Happy Canada Day!