Thursday, July 7, 2011

Canada Day Part II

Last minute plans are sometimes the best!
We had no plans for Canada Day and the girls were excited for a day at home.  A few phonecalls were made and before noon a plan was in motion.

I was so happy that everything had come together on such short notice.  I was thrilled that Joanna, Bert and Campbell hadn't left on vacation yet.  I was anxious to see Heather, Graham and Logan and estatic that I was going to be able to give them all big hugs.  Sometimes phonecalls and words over e-mail just aren't enough.

Everyone needed some hugs and it was time for a CHEO TRIO Reunion!!


Someone made sure that Cami had his fair share of cars too!

Logan is keeping his eyes on that pool water over there... so serious

My only picture of our three boys

Look at this unbelievable woman.  She is the picture of strength.  I'm so happy that they decided to come and spend Canada Day with us after such a traumatic day the day before.  I'm not sure I would have been ready to face people and smile.  That's one of the best thing about getting together with the people who "get it" - you don't always have to smile, and even a tear or two seems to be the norm!


Moments after this picture was taken, Logan snapped a picture of me taking a picture of him.  He was saying 'cheese' behind the camera but you couldn't see it!  I had to choose this one to post since it's the only one where he was smiling.  He may look like his Dad but he handles that camera just like his Mom! 

sticky marshmallow fingers

Apparently Graham had something against our pink camouflage lawn chair.  It broke after a couple hours, and then completely collapsed about an hour after that!  Made for lots of laughs.  Story goes that it must have been a cheap chair - hmph!!! 

Darcy, Ryland, Heather's Mom Gail and Heather
You're never too old for sparkler fun!!

Caelan and Daddy with their sparkler

Logan's not so sure about the fireworks

Nope.  He's sure.  Doesn't like them!

Let me show you to the door
Thanks for making this a fabulous Canada Day!!
I'm looking forward to many more impromptu get-togethers!!


  1. Looks like a great day! Happy you had so much fun and took all these great pictures to share!


  2. Ahhhh Tanya, just saw this. We are honoured to be included in your blog posting.Amazing photos (even the one of Logan at the door trying to make his escape :) Pics bring tears to my eyes not only because it was a fun day but because we were exactly where we needed to be to get us through. Thank you for being wonderful you. xoxo Heather