Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nephrology Update

Caelan had an appointment with Nephrology yesterday.  He has routine 6 month appointments to keep an eye on his kidney function, with blood and urine analysis being done every 3 months.

The results of these tests are never great.  They're often referred to as acceptable, said with hesitation.  We've been introduced to the terms "kidney failure" and "kidney disease", both a real concern.  Not words anyone wants to hear but we knew we'd be lucky to escape them.

I've said before, with Caelan's more obvious medical issues - his tracheostomy and g-tube feeding - I've often 'forgotten' about that lonely solitary kidney that we can't see.  It's easier to ignore than those things that are so in your face. 

Well once again, the results weren't good.  Creatinine levels are used to measure kidney function.  Caelan's creatinine levels are 30% higher than the max they like to see.  Like I said, not good.  The only positive is that the levels haven't increased.  They actually have been very consistent over the past year, unfortunately, just consistently high. 

The protein levels in his urine are also high, another precursor to kidney disease.  In this regard, there's talk of a different medication that they'd like to try with Caelan.  It's primary function is to lower blood pressure and a side effect is that it lowers the protein levels.  Obviously he'd be taking it for the side effect.  Since the primary function of the drug is to lower blood pressure they'd prefer to first give it to him under observation in hospital.  No prescription has been written yet, probably will be at our next visit.


  1. Sorry to hear this. I can't even imagine what this additional test brings your way. Keep the faith as hard as that seems sometimes. xoxo Heather

  2. Crappy............BUT thank goodness they do keep such a close eye on him!