Monday, July 18, 2011

The week I shouldn't have driven

Saturday:  I drove into town to do some groceries.  There was a tiny bird on the road who simply didn't fly away in time.  I shmucked him.  A little bit of background may be in order.  When I was younger I used to always tease my Mom for 'braking for birds" when she drove.  "They always fly away" I'd tell her.   Apparently, they don't.

Sunday:  I didn't drive anywhere.

Monday:  A small mole like creature ran out on the road in front of me and I flattened him.  Two for two.

Tuesday:  It was a stupid squirrel.  Let me note that before this week I have never hit anything!! The squirrel was sitting on the edge of the road and did that crazy indecisive thing they often do. He darted into the road a few steps then turned and ran off the road and then dashed back right in front of me.  Shmuck!  Three for three.  I'm not proud.

Wednesday:  Caelan and I went out to Poppa and Lolo's for dinner and a visit.  I had my purse, a change of clothes, Caelan's backpack, emergency kit and suction machine. I was trying to juggle all this stuff and determine how I was going to pick up Caelan.  Let's face it I was out of practice since going back to work!  I shoved the change of clothes in the backpack and tossed my purse back in the van, figuring I wouldn't need it.  Got myself all reorganized and headed inside.  It was only at 9 o'clock when we were on our way out the door that I realized that I did need my purse, or at least the van keys that were in it!!  ARGH!  Thankfully Poppa has CAA and we didn't have to wait the forewarned hour and a half for the kind gentleman to come and unlock it for me.

Friday:  I'm heading home after what's already been a long week when, just before my exit, my front driver's side tire blows.  Lovely!!  I'm notorious for leaving my cell phone at home or not having it charged and I've never been so gratefull that Friday I had it and it worked!!  I called my most wonderful hubby who had to pack up all three kids and come and change the tire for me.  I like to think that worst case secenario I could have started changing it and some friendly person would take pity on me and would've stopped to help.  Lesson learned though.  Must keep phone charged and with me.

Hope you had better luck driving last week!!


  1. What a week glad that two of the three creatures that you hit were from the rodent family kinda doesn't make me feel so bad for them! I know that is bad but the truth is the truth. Hope that all the car related incidents are behind you and this weeks drives are uneventful!