Sunday, July 17, 2011

together again

My son is a 'herder'.  Let me explain.

Ryland had golf camp this past week at Highlands where Nana and Grampsy play.  It made sense that she would spend the week at their house and they would bring her back and forth to camp when they went to play golf.  The whole family drove into Orleans to drop Ry off on Sunday afternoon.  We all went in to say our goodbyes and fill up on our hugs and kisses for the week.  I'm not sure that Caelan understood what was going on.  When the four of us returned to the van and buckled up to head home, Caelan was frantically signing for Ry to come.  He knew his sister was missing and was very concerned about us leaving her behind.  In fact, he got quite upset over it all.  He likes to have us all together.

You can only imagine what happened when the following day Darcy left for Gramma's!  Caelan had his usual therapy at OCTC on Monday morning and Gramma came out to spend some time with Darcy.  The plan was to swim in the pool but the weather didn't cooperate.  When Damian and Caelan came home, it was agreed that Darcy could go and spend a couple nights at Gramma's house.  One on one time at Gramma and Grampa's is not something to be passed up on!!  Darcy had a blast and had Gramma playing nonstop for two full days!!  Offers of museums, movies, and other fun stuff did nothing to disuade her from full fledge playing.  That girl has an amazing imagination and loves having someone who will play by her rules!  Caelan has been deemed the worst player, which is sad because all he ever wants is to play with her, but he certainly doesn't follow her rules!!  Anyway all this being said, when I came home he repeatedly asked "girls where?"

On Wednesday evening, with Ry and Darcy both off being indulged by Grandparents in Orleans, and Damian at jiujitsu, Caelan and I headed off to Poppa and Lolo's for dinner and a visit.  I think because we weren't at home, Caelan wasn't as preoccupied with where the rest of his family was.  Don't get me wrong, he still asked, just not constantly.  May have something to do with plugging him in to some cartoons too!!

On Thursday the whole family was at Nana and Grampsy's for dinner.  A reunion of sorts and Caelan was not happy about his sisters taking off downstairs to play without him.  How could they not want to spend every minute with him was incomprehensible!!  "Girls come here"  was on replay!!  At one point Caelan and I were practicing going up the stairs.  When Caelan saw Nana watching him he encouraged her to join us immediately.  When the girls were spotted they had to come to.  When we got high enough that he could see Daddy in the living room, "come Daddy, come here".  What a sight!!  All six of us on the staircase!  With all of us together we made it to the top!!  He was estatic to have everyone together.  At the end of the night, we once again left Ry behind with promises to Caelan that she would be home the following night. 

It was a quiet week... let me rephrase... the house was quiet.  So weird.

This weekend we're all back together... well at least all sleeping under the same roof.  Yet, we're still hounded constantly with questions of "Daddy where?", "Girls where?" and "Momma where?"  over and over again.  If he can see you, it's "come here". 

He wants us all together.

He's herding his family together.


  1. LOve the last sentence........he is sooooo sweet....that little man makes me smile