Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - movie dance scenes

The idea for this post has been in the making for some time.  I should start off by explaining that my husband is a huge Quentin Tarantino fan.  We have a cd of some of the more well known music used in his movies.  On this cd he explains how he believes that music in a movie should completely change the way you hear that particular song.  It should make it so that you can't hear that song without thinking of the scene in which it was playing. 

Top Ten {Tuesday}

This was my inspiration for a Top Ten Tuesday list.  However, I quickly realized that I had to be more specific.  I already had enough songs for three lists!!  (Be forewarned of more "music in movies" lists to come!)  I also realized that when discussing music in movies and how they impact your reactions to that song, there's no place for musicals, because once again that's an entirely different list!!

So, as dance has always been so close to my heart, I've decided that my first list will be songs that are playing in movie scenes where the actors are actually dancing.

  1. Devil went down to Georgia in Coyote Ugly.  Loved the song before the movie and now I can't hear it without picturing those girls dancing on top the bar.
  2. Can't take my eyes off of you in The Ten Things I Hate about You.  Heath Ledger on the bleachers trying to impress Julia Stiles. 
  3. Footloose in Footloose... don't remember much else about the whole movie other than this dance!
  4. Old time rock and roll in Risky Business - Hello?  who doesn't think of Tom Cruise in his tighty whities and socks?? 
  5. Time of my life in Dirty Dancing.  However, because I loved this movie so much and watched it so many times I can picture just about every musical scene!  Big girls don't cry was a close second.
  6. You should be dancing in Saturday Night Fever - John Travolta struttin' his stuff on that lit up dance floor.  You'd think Staying Alive would make the list but (un)fortunately a different memory trumps that movie scene!
  7. You never can tell in Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman and John Travolta are in the twist contest.  Another close second is You'll be a woman soon.  It's is the song Uma turns on when they get home from Jack Rabbit Slims.
  8. Stop the rock in Boys and Girls.  Ok, I LOVE this song and I always remember this scene.  Do you think I could remember the movie or who stared in it?  Nope!  Had to search for it and it wasn't easy.  It's Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani.  Couldn't say the movie was memorable but I remember the dance scene in the club.  The song right after it is Carwash and the club sprays or pumps soapbubbles onto the dance floor!
  9. What a feeling in Flashdance is the song Jennifer Beals dances to at the end.  It wouldn't surprise me if many people, namely men, remember Maniac more clearly.  That's the song where she works herself into a frenzy, running in place and sweating
  10. Tequila  - I hate to say it but ever since I started this list I have to admit that the image of Pee Wee Herman dancing to this song keeps coming back... It's so sad, but true.  Thank goodness it doesn't play on the radio very often!
I'm curious to know what movie's dance scenes come to your mind when you hear the song playing on the radio?? 
Is it Twist and Shout when Ferris Bueller takes over the float in the parade on his, what? ninth day skipping school?? 
Or is it Now that we found love in the final scene of Hitch when they're all dancing down the aisle??  (love that one!)
Or is it Livin la vida loca from the end of one of the Shrek movies??  I think animated films might just be another list all on their own...There are so many!! 
Okay, so what about you??  What's your pic??


  1. Great post Tanya!

  2. Oh my, I'm sorry to tell you that I laughed, for sometime, over number 6. Yep, even in French the dance scenes and music are the same:)I personally think of Little Miss Sunshine isn't the song "I'm too sexy"?, anyways I bust a gut just thinking of that scene at the pageant! Love Pam XOXO