Saturday, July 30, 2011

camp, camp and cosmic

All three kids had a fun & busy week last week.

Ryland went to a horseback riding camp and LOVED it.  She would love to go back again sometime this summer.  They started off riding with a camp leader holding the reins and leading the horse around, and finished the week riding all alone through the trails.  They even trotted!  They spent some time learning some general information about horses.  They also needed to brush the horses and prepare their food.  When not with the horses they spent time doing crafts, swimming, and canoeing.  All in all she had a great time and had lots of stories to tell us everynight.

Ryland and Toupet

Not a great picture, but that's what happens when photographs are stuck in a bag with a wet bathing suit and towel... and then forgotten about...

Darcy was at the same camp but she participated in an Arts and Crafts camp.  She spent time making all kinds of crafts, but also played volleyball and soccer.  She swam twice everyday, went on nature walks, canoed, and caught frogs.  She too came home full of stories to tell of fun times at camp.  On her last day she came home looking like this:

cheeky girl
 Caelan had a fairly quite week with no girls home.  He did get a special treat though and spent a super fun morning at Cosmic Adventures.  He had a blast there with Gramma and Daddy!  It's full of tunnels, slides, ball pits and other cool stuff.  We may have to look into making this a more regular outing for him.

And the best part... kids who have days full of fun and excitement come home exhausted and there are no fights about going to bed! 

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