Winter Bucket List

Well it's not that our Summer Bucket List was a grand success or anything, but it was nice to have something to refer to when we were looking for something to do.

We aren't good winter people. We tend to hibernate. I'm told that it's better to get out and find things you enjoy doing in the winter or you'll spend you winter wishing away the days and being miserable. Unfortunately, I like with a couple of winter haters. I'm not sure this is the year that I'll be able to change their minds either.

I had hoped to get the girls into cross country skiing, but being pregnant this winter I'm not sure it's something I want to try and pick back up myself!

Nor will I be brave enough to be skating on the canal this winter since I'm not that confident in my skating abilities when my center of gravity is normal to me let alone when I'm all off kilter!

I just hope that we can get to some of these winter activities listed below and as usual I will keep you posted on our adventures.
  1. Go ice fishing. Fishing in a boat with Caelan and his trache is just a bit too scary for me, in fact it's pretty much out of the question. A good friend keeps reminding me of this alternative so hopefully this winter we'll make it out to their hut.
  2. Enjoy a beavertail and hot chocolate in the outdoors. If you live in or near Ottawa this is a must. Usually, enjoyed on the canal or during Winterlude.
  3. Winterlude - do something, anything! It's a huge attraction for this area and we should participate
  4. Encourage Damian and the girls to go toboganning on a real hill... Maybe even Caelan too if the weather cooperates.
  5. Have fun with some Christmas baking and make sure the kids get involved. DONE!
  6. Enjoy a spa treatment with my sisterfriends. Our date is already tentatively booked! DONE!
  7. Build a snowman DONE!
  8. Make snowangels DONE!
  9. Take a walk while it's snowing
  10. Curl up together as a family and watch The Grinch who Stole Christmas and Polar Express HALF DONE!  Can't believe we didn't watch Polar Express this year!!
  11. Do ONE of the holiday things I've pinned on pinterest... DONE, DONE and DONE!
  12. Watch a Santa Clause Parade. In recent years we've always tried to get to the Orleans Parade of Lights. DONE!
  13. See the Christmas lights on Taffy Lane or downtown Ottawa DONE!
  14. Upper Canada Village's Alight at Night Every year I think this is something I'd like to do and we have yet to do it! HAVE TO ADD TO NEXT YEAR'S LIST -- AGAIN!!!
  15. Roast marshmallows over a campfire in the snow
  16. Go to the sugarbush and get some fresh maple syrup... although this might technically happen in the spring there is still snow on the ground so that makes it a winter activity! DONE!

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