Wednesday, February 5, 2014

time is slipping

So many things that I want to blog about...  So many pictures to share and stories to tell.

Time is my enemy, it's just going too fast.

Time and Ronan, who thinks it's his mission to pull every cord that's attached to the computer, push all the buttons, empty every cupboard and drawer, clean off any surface within reach.

All boy that one.  Busy to the extreme.  Full of energy.  Most of the time, happy.

Which means limited computer access for Mom = no blog posts.

Hoping to catch up soon...


  1. i can barely find time to read them - it amazes me that you find time to write them! anything u post is impressive with 4 kids!

  2. I am always impressed that u blog anything with 4 kids! I have a hard time finding quiet to read them. You are impressive!