Monday, February 3, 2014


Ronan has decided that I should reorganize our tupperware cupboard everyday, sometimes two or three times!

I really shouldn't complain because this is one of the only cupboards that I let him in to.  Under the sink is child locked because of the garbage, dish soap and dishwasher detergent.  I've also locked the pantry cupboard since he was pulling large bottles of olive oil and other heavy stuff off the shelf and I was afraid he'd hurt his toes.  The other cupboard that's locked has the kids colouring books, paper, pencils, pens, crayons, glue, markers, stickers, etc., in it.  He does have access to the tupperware, pots and pans and the cookie sheets in the oven drawer.

It used to be that we only had to worry if one of us left a cupboard open, but my boy is smart.  He's figured out that he can pull himself up against the cupboard door and then use the handle to open the door just like everyone else!

He's even mastered moving the computer chair out from in front of the computer cabinet so that he can open it up the same way.  Now there's a child lock there too.  Unfortunately, I'm still trying to teach him that he's not allowed to get at all the cords behind the computer.  He's unplugged the internet more than once.  Now I'm trying to rearrange furniture so the cords aren't so accessible.

He's a little bundle of trouble.  Busy, very busy.  Full of mischief.  All boy.


  1. And all happy. Look at that smile!

  2. Send him over! Our tupperware cupboard desparately needs to be emptied and reorganized but we all just keep avoiding it. Sounds like the perfect dose of gentle persuasion we could use to get the job done! And really you can't even get mad at that face!

  3. I think boy or girl #4 would be busy just learning from the first 3! He will grow up fast!