Thursday, February 6, 2014

Maybe Mom won't notice...

That Monday night that I arrived home from the hospital with Caelan...

I found this?

ummm... Why is there a hobbit poster in the middle of our hall?


So apparently, the story is really funny... 

So funny that it took a while for everyone to stop giggling to be able to tell it to me.

So funny I'm told that we'll look back on this years from now and still be laughing.

(I think it was probably nervous laughter, because Momma was not impressed.)

This all went down that same Monday before I came home with Caelan.
Damian was home with the girls who both had miserable colds.  

Ry told the story like this:
It's partially my fault anyway... (giggle, giggle) so... we were in your room and I was leaning across the bed with my feet against the wall, balancing, but the gap was too wide.  By the way there is a tiny crack in your wall too. (giggle, giggle) So then Dad and I were in the hallway and he wanted to show how ninja he was and I was saying 
"If 95 lbs. of pure fury can put a crack in your wall, imagine what..."  
Next thing we knew there was a hole in the wall about the size of Dad's foot.
"Do you think Mom will notice?"
and Dad said 
"If we put a white piece of paper over it and dim the lights Mom will never notice."
Darcy had the brilliant idea to put the Hobbit poster over it.



  1. Really??? Although this story made me laugh is that the only explanation you got?

  2. love it! keep the poster up!