Wednesday, October 5, 2011


He's home!!

Our surgeon stopped in on the recovery ward on Monday evening and I immediately began harrassing him about when we should expect to be heading home.  I went so far as to hint that it would be nice to have him home for Thanksgiving.  I wasn't convinced it would happen but it was a wish.  I wasn't sure that we could get a prescription for methodone or clonidine and I knew that weaning was going to be a long road.

I was very surprised when the Doctor said to give him 48 hours.  48 hours?!!  Really?!?  I was almost excited beyond words but at the same time very sceptical.

On Tuesday, one of the three Doctors at CHEO who can prescribe methodone came by for his daily check in.  In his hand was a prescription for methodone with very specific weaning instructions!  I could barely believe my eyes!  Then he returned a few minutes later with another prescription for Caelan's clonidine.  Ok, now this was getting real.

By mid afternoon it was well known through the staff that we were heading home Wednesday.  CCAC, the agency that ensured we had all the equipment and support required at home, came by and officially discharged us!  That was a huge moment.  HUGE. 

It did occur to us that with prescriptions in hand there was no real reason for us to stay another night at CHEO.  Regardless, we knew the process of actually getting out the door was always a long and slow one and I headed home to get the girls off the bus.

I wasn't home five minutes when Damian called to ask how quickly I could come back because we had the green light to take him home.  The girls didn't know what hit them.  They got off the bus and were ushered into the van and we were off to bring Caelan home.

We didn't need to rush.  Remember how I said getting out was a long slow process?  It really is.  Three.  Hours.  Later.  We were finally out of there!!

Our boy is far from himself.  His weaning of methodone will take until the end of this month and we won't start weaning the clonidine until after that.  (thank goodness we didn't have to stay in hospital to do that!!)  It feels so good to have him home.  We have lots to figure out as everything is different now, but we're happy to do it!


  1. So so so excited for you! Can't wait for a visit! Caro, xoxo

  2. Awesome! I was planning to come see you guys, I'll have to do that soon! Wow, so happy for all of you. I'm sure you'll have an adjustment phase and get into a new routine. Caelan will be himself soon because there is no place like home to get well!
    All the best, if you need something let me know!
    Pam xoxo