Friday, October 28, 2011

enter your favourite curse word *here*

and then *here* and *here* and *here*...

and maybe a couple more times for good measure... *here*

I should explain... 

I know I've gone on about how Caelan's days have been great - there's no question about it!  Unfortunately his nights have been horrible and they've been getting worse.  He's up every 30-40 minutes coughing and crying.  His stridor - the noise he makes when he's upset and working to breath - has been getting louder and louder.  The stridor is expected when he's upset and we know that when he gets REALLY upset it can sometimes take a little while to go away, even after he's settled down.  We wondered if this is what we were to expect if he had a cold or some type of infection, but really had no idea.  We had discussed it briefly and decided it would be a good idea to be keeping track of under what circumstances the stridor seemed to be worse.  Last night he was stridorous for almost 4 hours straight, even when he settled to sleep.  It just seemed to become more and more pronounced but he wasn't getting more upset.  Eventually, over the following three hours while he slept the stridor disappeared and when he awoke it was gone.  We thought the crisis was averted.

It wasn't.

This afternoon his stridor picked up again.  Rather suddenly and kind of out of the blue.  Not good.  Not good at all.  We called ENT and spoke with the surgeon who did Caelan's second surgery.  He could hear Caelan's stridor in the background and recommended that we bring him in immediately.  I should clarify that it's not so much because of what he could hear, but because we confirmed that he was indrawn and working at it.  Working to breath = not good.

We know that once we get him to the Emergency Room they won't know what to do with him and will simply admit him.  That's why this becomes more than a simple "bring him in so we can check it out" kind of thing.  That's why I need you to scream your favourite curse word now.  Because I'm in a house with children and that's frowned upon... but that's what I feel like doing.

CHEO is an amazing place.  I don't know what we'd do without it.

Right now, though...  I'd just like a break from that place...
A really, REALLY, long break.

And my whole happy, healthy family home together for a long time!

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