Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Med Sched

Here's the list of medications that we're giving Caelan at home now...

 white amoxil
 pink amoxil
 11amvitamin D
 2pmwhite amoxil
 pink amoxil
 11pmwhite amoxil
 pink amoxil

Clonidine and methadone are both to help with the withdrawal.
The white and pink amoxil are the new anitbiotics that they just started him on, or at least that's what I call them.  They have much longer complex names - novamoxin and amoxicillin /clavulanic acid suspension.  They're penicillin-type antibiotics.  They're pretty all encompasing and should cover any possible bacterial infections. 
Melatonin is to help him get a better, sounder sleep.
Prevacid is an anti reflux medication that Caelan used to be on prior to his fundoplication.  It's a precaution med to ensure that we're doing everything possible to protect the surgical site.
Nitrofurantoin is the prophylactic antibiotic that Caelan takes to protect his solitary kidney from the risks associated with urinary tract infections and urinary reflux.

We're continuing him on the same feeding schedule for now.  He has breakfast starting at 11pm, running at 70 ml/hour to a total volume of 500 mls.  Lunch starts at 11am and dinner at 5pm.  These both run at 110 ml/hour to a total volume of 250 mls each.  We're hoping that once everything settles we'll be able to increase the rate of those daytime feeds again and hopefully start a more traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule with no overnight feeding.  Only time will tell.


  1. What a schedule, how do you keep track? Hopefully the list shrinks as time goes on. =)


  2. Hmm, tired just reading your schedule. Yep, chuckled about your poop story. No problem with the visual for me, I'm going down for breakfast:)
    Thinking of you guys and the amazing things that you do on a daily basis. Keep up the good work, hoping it settles down soon.

  3. Toad - you know me and how I love my lists... of course I made an excel spreadsheet check list to keep track of them all!! It's very similar to the one they use in the hospital except we don't require counter-signatures!