Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Movin' on up!

We we're moved out of the ICU yesterday afternoon and can honestly say we almost miss it.  Almost.  It's obviously where the money goes in the hospital!  My pull out chair/bed last night wasn't nearly as comfortable as the one in the ICU.  LOL!  We are still very happy to find ourselves finally on the 'recovery' ward, almost a full month after Caelan's initial surgery on September 8th!

Caelan's doing great. We've got a long road ahead of us in getting off all the medications that he's on to help with the withdrawal.  In addition, I think we're going to have fun weaning him from TV!  I'm anxious to get him playing more. More activity during the day might make him sleep a little more at night, because there isn't much of that going on.

It's an adjustment for me not to have oxygen and suction at the ready.  I find myself checking for it and I have to reassure myself that he doesn't need it anymore.  Damian and I were talking about when he comes home and how it's going to be so different.  First off, how are we going to sleep?  There won't be anyone watching Caelan.  We're so accustomed to having night nursing I'm not sure either of us will sleep easy for the first little bit... Despite being exhausted from this 'holiday' at CHEO. We're so programmed that you can't go to sleep when Caelan is sleeping. 

Getting a little ahead of myself though...

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