Thursday, October 20, 2011


I forewarned Caelan that if he continued to make such great improvements that he'd find himself at pre-school before he knew it.  Well, I guess he liked that plan because he's been more and more himself everyday.

On Wednesday, Damian and Caelan spent the morning at Kindercare.  It's a pre-school program located in a space adjacent to the girls' school in Russell.  We weren't convinced that Caelan was ready for the full day program but thought he'd do well with a visit.  He still hasn't regained all his strength and abilities from his month spent in hospital and he's also picked up having a nap again.  Our intention is that he'll eventually be there full days and also spend a couple afternoons at the OCTC pre-school program.

I'm happy to say that it went FABULOUSLY!!!!

Caelan had a BLAST!!!  At first, he was a bit apprehensive, which is understandable given that this would be a completely new environment for him.  Damian stayed close as they made there way over to the books and waited for circle time.  Caelan was happy to see the books and was quickly at ease.  However, the more comfortable he got in these new surroundings, the more he noticed.  He realized there were toys, lots and lots of toys... so why were they sitting there looking at books!  Go, go, go!! 

He was receptive to both his Aid (K) and one of the Directors of the pre-school (D).  He happily accepted assistance from both of them and kept everyone busy.  He played blocks, trucks, puzzles, and kitchen.  He painted and played playdoh.  All before lunch!  It was a busy morning for him.

I couldn't have wished for more.

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