Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ten and eight

My tween and pre-tween are full of attitude lately.
At moments it's more than I can handle.

It sounds like it's considered normal behaviour for these ages
But I would really prefer that it wasn't the norm for our house.

Everything seems to become an argument.
Everything seems to become a melt down.

And yet, they really are good girls.
Everyone else tells me how good they are.

Just not so much at home... at least not for some really basic things.

We've introduced a Responsibility Chart.
It's not for chores, or behaviours.
It's just to outline what's expected of them.

There's no point in arguing about these responsibilities.
And while we're at it, no complaining or whining either.

I just don't want to hear it.

Things like brushing your teeth or your hair, or
having a shower are really non-negotiable.

Putting your dirty clothes in the laundry and setting the table.
Doing your homework and clearing the dinner dishes.

Are these really dramatic tantrum inducing obligations?
Unfortunately, they sometimes are in our house.

It's come to this;
If they don't want to do what's expected of them,
then I don't want to hear requests for anything.

Don't ask for toys, books, clothes or money.
Don't ask to go on playdates, to dances, or sleepovers.

These are privileges to be earned, not rights.


That's an argument I expected to have to use with
a 16 year old about getting their drivers licence!

What are we going to do when they're teenagers?!?!


  1. Please email me the responsibility chart! I feel your pain everything is an argument at our house too. This morning I got yelled at because I wouldn't let them talk, I don't need to hear why you aren't brushing your hair or didn't pick up your dishes just go and do it!
    Love you!

  2. Hillarious my authorization code was EVILL for my last post!

  3. Been there...done that....with Kira...she's much more calm now and she's turning 14 on did that happen? I got the "she is such a good girl" and I'm like talkin' bout my kid? I have to put this out there...she can still be moody but not so much and it's only around "that time of the month" so I kinda let those moments pass. She does her "chores" without attitude..she sets the table for meals, she unloads the dishwasher and will dry dishes in the sink..she'll even wash dishes & load the dishwasher now that I'm back at bootcamp every night fr nice to come home and not have to face dirty dishes! She cleans 3 bathrooms every weekend and will walk the dog after she gets home from school and after supper. Lately she's been helping Ethan with homework (French b/c she can do it with out Google!) She's a good kid...of course money is a big influance...when she gave attitude it cost her $20. It will get better but before it does...well you have 2 girls so hold on it might be a bumpy ride but they'll straighten out. How could they not with you guys for parents.
    miss you friend, xoxo