Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This is after the 2am coughing fit and the 3am dirty diaper
and he signs "up, up, all done!"

Despite all that Momma's awful proud since he sat up by himself. xo

But where is my night nurse???
Oh yah, now that he's up all night without a trache we don't need one.  Welcome to normal!


  1. Wow, A lot has been happening in your world Tanya. You must be so fried. So glad to hear the hospital stay was short but that must have been so hard for all of you. Are you guys coping? Can we do something to help? Let us know exactly wha you need as you find your way through all of this.
    I think Calean looks so cute in this picture...reflecting on so very much in such a very little time.
    love ya

  2. Sleep little man, sleep.

    Auntie Toad

  3. your night nurse is wishing she was there instead of stuck at home :-(