Saturday, October 15, 2011

rubber ducks

We try not to say the word bath around here.
We don't sign it either.
If the word slips out in a moment of foolishness,
 there's a little boy who goes absolutely crazy about getting in!

I've always considered that a good thing, because let's face it,
I just don't think there are that many boys out there that like being clean!

Caelan has always loved his bath.
I was pretty excited about his first bath sans trache.
It was always a bit of a nerve wracking experience,
since splashing is half the fun!

Unfortunately, his first bath at home after this most recent hospital stay was anything but fun.  I'm chalking it up to the withdrawal because Caelan cried through the entire ordeal!  It was heartbreaking to see him so thoroughly upset doing something he always took so much pleasure in. 
Especially now that it could be fun on a whole new level.

The second bath went much, much better.

Caelan loves playing with his rubber ducks.
They always get tossed in first and, yes, they're kissing!
He thinks that's hillarious when compared to making them
swim, fly, bathe, jump, dance, eat, etc., ...

And washing hair?  That used to be the scarriest of all!
But now... well I had plenty of time to take this shot because it was a while before I could get him to sit up!

Lovin' it!!


  1. That is the BEST bathtime picture I've EVER seen!!! :-D

  2. Now that is a bath!!! What a wonderful feeling for Caelan (and you!)
    Jo XXOO

  3. Such a happy camper, love the pics Tanya.

  4. He's gonna love the pool next summer!!!!!

  5. We can't say the word 'bath' in our household either but unfortunately the screams are of terror not joy!!! Big boy Caelan is going to have to give his buddy some bath lessons :) So GREAT to see how well he is doing. xoxo Heather

  6. This is great...he looks so happy you guys must be thrilled! Love his rubber duckies : )

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Such a suck making his duckies kiss! :)
    Caro, xox