Sunday, October 30, 2011


just a cold.

However, for Caelan, "just a cold" this soon after surgery puts him into respiratory distress and he wins two nights free accomodations in the ICU!  We've been told to expect to win more passes over the course of the winter.  Hooray for us!

Today Caelan moved up to the floors and out of the ICU.  Daddy made a really strong case for just moving him back home but it didn't fly with ENT.  They want to monitor Caelan for a bit longer and make sure he's over the worst of it.

Meanwhile, me and the girls have been home.  I'm fighting the same bloody cold Caelan has, same one I feel like I've had for the month since our last stay in hospital ended.  For that reason Daddy's been at the hospital since Friday night, and in CHEO hours, that's a lifetime.  This afternoon I'm headed in to provide him some relief as I'm sure he's really looking forward to a good nights sleep!


  1. Glad to hear it is "just a cold"................ Miss you. Hugs to all - especially your 2 boys for being sooo tough!

  2. Glad it is a cold and not some nasty infection...hope he is feeling better soon and able to come home even sooner. Hope you start to feel better...remember to take care of yourself.