Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Came home from work and got changed.
Inhaled dinner and packed Caelan up.
Headed off to his Urology appointment.
Caelan cried the first 15 minutes in the car.
That's half way there.
He wanted Daddy to come with us.
Too bad, so sad, stuck with Momma.
Managed to keep him awake for the drive.
Arrive only a few minutes late.
Caelan wants to colour at the little tables.
It's too late and no crayons/paper are available.
We settle on steering the big wheels.
This is good.  We're all smiles.
Don't have to wait long.
Learn this appointment is to check testes.
To make sure they've descended.
What do I think??  um.. no idea.
Does that make me a bad Mom?
Maybe not, but...
In my attempt to get Caelan to the examination table
I screwed up...
I managed to pull Caelan's mic-key out.
That's his feeding tube.
Not sure what it got caught on.
I know better.  Have to move slow.
Always have to check where the line is.
Caelan wasn't impressed.
Neither was I.
That makes me feel like a horrible Mom
and his eyes echo that sentiment.
So sorry.
Re-group and put mic-key back in.
Afterthought - that hit the hospital floor
and I just put it back in my son.
Calm Caelan down.
Time for the examination.
Apparently it's not welcome.
Caelan is not impressed.
Apparently testes retract when you cry.
Making it impossible to know if they've descended.
We'll need to reschedule.
Come back another day and do this all over again.
We get back to the van.
It's seven o'clock.
Caelan has fallen asleep.
I'm deflated, frustrated, exhausted.
I can't imagine that it will be a very long night
with Caelan already asleep at seven o'clock.

I think I'd like a do-over.


  1. Don't even ever entertain the thought that you are a bad Mom, you are human and that makes us love you! Sorry that the appointment was for nothing that is discouraging mixed thoughts about these late appointments once you are all in school and work they may be nice as then you don't have to use your leave for boring stuff and can schedule your time off to have fun but for now they suck. Love you hope tonight is a quieter one so you can relax well as much as that is possible with three kids and a husband! xx

  2. Thanks Mum,
    xoxox Tanya

  3. I agree with your Mom. You are awesome! Love the photos in the tub. Hope Caelan is back to himself soon, hope things are getting better every day!

  4. You are a Super-duper Mom! You are an amazing Mom! You are a funtastic freaking Mom! You are a great Mom : ) You da bomb Mom!

    I am sure the kids would not trade you for any other Mom...cause you are their Mom and they love you and like a wise mom said you are human..we all make mistakes. I can't imagine in a million years how I would manage if I had to walk in your shoes..every day you amaze me..you make be proud to call you friend and I am sure the kids are proud to call you Mom.

    Stay strong mommy and don't forget to take care of yourself.....a healthy happy mom means a happy healthy family.


  5. Your the most amzing mom I know.Kudos to you, your terrific!!!!!