Saturday, October 1, 2011


I'm very afraid that my son might have his nights and days mixed up.
He's been asleep a good chunk of the day.
The good news is he hasn't required any extra medication to keep him comfy.  Although they did start his fentanyl infusion back up yesterday afternoon when he was upset and not settling.  They cut it by half this morning and are talking of turning it off tonight.  I'm hoping that I can convince them to hold off until tomorrow morning!  All part of my plan to get some sleep here tonight.
I've tried keeping the little rascal awake but when he's tired, he's tired, and he has been through a lot.  I'm having a hard time now though since he fell asleep a little over an hour ago and I'd really like him to wake up but it's ingrained in me that you don't wake a sleeping child... but if it means he's not going to sleep tonight, it's ok right?

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  1. thinking of you and hoping you are all having a good weekend. :-)