Tuesday, November 1, 2011

he's home - more later


  1. I just caught up on a few days of your blog! What a mess!!! I'm glad he's home and hope everyone gets over their cold soon!! WOWZA! Left lunch the other day thinking how awesome everything seemed and the little bugger ends up back at CHEO! :(
    Caro, xox

  2. HI Tanya,
    So glad Caelan is home. I stumbled across your Nov 1 2010 blog. I think it might cheer you up.....have a look at your cutie pie!!
    Will call when you guys get settled back in.
    Jo XXOO

  3. Oh Jo! You were so right!! That's just what I needed! Thanks, xoxo Tanya

  4. they certainly need to do something about the discharge process and stop tangling carrots. I think it is one of our greatest frustrations (maybe they need a Mouseketool or two :)as well but then I guess any additional wait is worth all the annoyance to be home again :) Leave it to Jo to help find the perspective. So glad your little Mickey Mouse was able to enjoy some treats on Halloween.Logan would't wear his ears so we opted for our backup costume :)) Hugs, Heather