Monday, November 14, 2011

all is good

Caelan is back in the Intensive Care Unit at CHEO but not intubated like I thought he might be.  They used the laser similar to the last time in an attempt to widen his airway just a bit more.
The surgery went well and we're hopeful that this millimeter makes all the difference for him... and if not... Well, we'll cross that bridge when we have to and maybe even do this all over again!
For now Caelan seems to be comfortable - and on NO NARCOTICS!!!  Oh, I was so happy when I heard this was the plan and even happier when he seemed to tolerate it.  He is allowed to have Tylenol, so if he seems uncomfortable that's what he'll get, to start with anyway!  Right now, we're well into our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dvd and that seems to be all the 'drug' he needs.  He's definitely not happy about being here however I do think he's starting to feel the same familiarity as we do in this place.  Not sure how much I like that...  I guess it is what it is...

Better get back to my boys!


  1. So happy to read this! Hope to see everyone soon! xo YAY for Mickey Mouse <3

  2. What a great report Tanya! So happy to hear this news. No drugs and a happy boy as well. FANTASTIC. The magic of Mickey...please give your sweet boy some hugs from the Labonte's. I am in kingston with work so can't get over to see you guys but please know I am thinking of you and little Mickey Mouse!!

  3. Yeah Caelan!