Sunday, November 13, 2011

can you follow along?

Dad:  I wonder how Gramma and Grampa are enjoying their vacation...

Ry:  Where did they go?

Dad:  They went to Georgia.  Savannah, Georgia

Darcy: Hey you named one of your webkins after there (with her mouth full)

Mom: Pardon?

Ryland: One of my webkins is named Georgia.

Darcy:  I wonder if they'll see a devil...

It only took me a minute, but that was a minute longer than it took the rest of my family who are always thinking from left field... So I'm just curious, how many of you can follow along with this conversation??


  1. So as not to totally ruin it for everyone, the connection is found in a song??? I am pretty sure. Not bad for first thing in the morning.


  2. devil went down to Georgia? OMG & many, many LOL's! Darcy really is one of a kind!

  3. How does she even know that song? Way,way before her time.Soo clever, watch out! Luv Lyanne

  4. The devil went down to Georgia.....
    Darcy you are soo funny!