Wednesday, November 30, 2011

full circle

Just spoke with the surgeon.
All went well.
They had to do a tracheostomy.


  1. Oh Tan, rough to hear, but if it is going to make things easier for Caelan and get him back home it is a good thing.

    Sending you all my love.

  2. So glad everything went well. Maybe not the news you wanted to hear, but it is what he needs. U 2 are the most amazing people I know. U both are so strong and and your kids are very lucky they have you both. Stay strong, one foot in front of the other. We are here to love you, support, and stand by you whatever you need.
    Love you
    Stacy and Jeff

  3. Full Circle- the circle of love. Caelan's strength is reflected in yours. Thanks for taking some time with us today. We love you. Looking forward to what is to come---home!