Saturday, November 26, 2011

beyond frustrated

Caelan is having major difficulty breathing and once again we are spending time in our home away from home... Caelan was admitted earlier this afternoon to the ICU at CHEO.

As long as we keep him calm and happy we're ok with a good oxygen blow by.  He's not doing well without the oxygen though.  He needs it.  That may be because he's had several "episodes" today. 


When he gets upset his sats drop into the 70s quickly, and often the 60s.  For your information, you want sats of 100.  The 90s are acceptable.  In the 80s there are nurses there in minutes to ensure that oxygen mask is on his face.  Anything lower than that and you've got a full team in there.  When we arrived they couldn't get a reading better than 52.  I'm not convinced it was accurate but that's irrelevant.

Teams don't really help Caelan calm down.  The amazing thing is that in the ICU they've realized that, and basically the plan for tonight is to let us handle it until it's apparent that we need more help.  They're going to keep their distance.

Personally, I think there is some underlying issue.  I'm not convinced that this is just an airway concern.

I do understand that the airway issues do take priority and need to be addressed first... but this time we're not leaving until they look at everything.  I think we're all getting really tired of coming back here every other weekend.


  1. Trust your instincts Tan you know your boy. I just feel so awful for you all and that you are back again. No wonder Caelan is freaking. He must be thinking "these docs need to get it right...listen to me! "I hope they get to the bottom of things so you have no return to CHEO other than for checkups. We are thinkingn of you. Hugs, Heather xo

  2. thinking about you all..hope things turn around for Caelan soon

  3. I agree with Heather. You know there is more. Your gut will tell you what needs to be done and hopefully Docs will listen. You must be so exhausted. Anything we can do? Do the girls need to be picked up today? Let us know what needs to be done. We are here to help. Just ask.
    These are crazy times. Although you must hate the back and fourth, I am sure you are relieved you made the decision you made last night.
    Tell us what you need.
    Jo and Bert XXOO