Tuesday, November 29, 2011

too much time in the ICU

Damian and I have both noticed that you can tell a lot about your child's health by which nurses you get.  Don't get me wrong, they're all amazing... ok well 99% of them, every now and then you think you might have hit a dud but then it's probably more of a personality conflict than anything else.  Anyway, when you spend as much time in the ICU as we do you recognize that the more critical cases get the more experienced or qualified certain specific nurses.  For example when your child comes out of surgery and requires lots of hands on monitoring you get one of these nurses and as your child get better you won't necessarily get them anymore. This time around we're getting all the heavy hitters.  It makes you feel good, knowing your son is in such capable and trusted hands, but at the same time it's awful to know that he's the one of the more critical cases in the unit.

Quick update:  The plan for last night was a bit more hands off.  Just sleep and we'll try not to bug you at all.  It worked well from about 8pm -- 4am, after which he became a bit more restless and alert.  He's eating through those happy meds like they're candy again.  We expect they'll have to increase his infusions of both morphine and versed again today.  He lost his foley catheter at some point due to a blockage but seems to be peeing well this morning.  Here's hoping we don't have to put it back in.

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