Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Once again, it's already late and I'm just now logging on to the blog... my evenings seem to be passing by in a blur.  Everynight I have all the best intentions to update everyone on our lives and how Mr. C is doing and everynight I seem to opt for going to bed instead.  Well, you know after all that other stuff gets done...  When I am on the computer I have Christmas on the brain, planning and listing and trying to organize my thoughts and find things on line.

As for Caelan... we are constantly questioning whether we should bring him back into CHEO.  Last weekend we didn't because he seemed so well during the day and it was really only the nights that were concerning. He seemed to be teething, maybe fighting a cold too, so we didn't want to over-react.

Caelan had a follow up appointment with Dr. V (ENT) on Monday morning. This was another reason to delay going into CHEO, if we could have our concerns addressed without visiting the Emergency room all the better!  We thought ahead this time and captured moments of Caelan's days and nights, good and bad times on video to show Dr. V.

We were given another 3 day prescription for the anti-inflammatory steroid, dexametasone.  It worked really well last time and allowed all of us a great full nights rest.  It took until last night for us to get the script filled and I just have to say I LOVE that drug!!  I would like to have a lifetime supply.  Caelan slept AWESOME!  He didn't stir until just before 6 this morning!!  It felt great.

The other outcome from that appointment was that a sleep study was ordered.  We were told this would probably take a few weeks to schedule.  Caelan somehow manages to get to the front of every line he's ever in and is all set to go in tomorrow night!! We were so surprised when we got the call.  It's exciting to get things moving along quickly.

With that in mind, I e-mailed Dr. V this morning to discuss the lasting effects of the dex (new med).  We're we ok to give it to him tonight and enjoy another blissful nights sleep or would the lasting effects throw off the sleep study tomorrow night?  I was very disappointed to hear that we should avoid his dose for today if possible because he agreed that it would make the sleep study kind of pointless if he was still feeling the effects of the dex.

On Monday Caelan also had an appointment with audiology.  He did really well with his tests but he's getting a bit too smart for them and next time we'll try the big boy testing.  He still goes beserk when they put that little probe in his ear and I often wonder what he finds so offensive about it.  They were only able to check his right ear but thought everything looked really good.

After a busy morning in ENT, Caelan headed over to OCTC to visit with his Blind Low Vision Therapist.  BLV will be visiting his preschools to see if she has any suggestions or recommendations to help make his time there easier.  We want to make sure that Caelan stays on her list, despite being a functioning deaf/blind child.  It will make his transition in to school that much easier and keep everyone well aware of his requirements.  At the same time - and this freaks me out a bit - she's going to contact the school about beginning to set things in motion for him entering kindergarten next year...  Where does the time go?!!?  And, yes apparently it will take that long!

Caelan continues to enjoy both his preschools.  He attends the mainstream preschool every day of the week and the preschool at OCTC on Monday and Friday afternoons... Our most common feedback is that he's a real ladies man, always flirting with the girls... but that's for a later post!

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