Tuesday, November 15, 2011

are you ready for this??

Caelan is HOME!!

Is that a record breaking stay, or what??

Yesterday when we met with Dr. V. (ENT) before Caelan went in to surgery, he asked if we had any last minute questions.  I had only one.  "When do we get to go home?"  We all laughed it off...  We had previously discussed the expected two nights minimum stay so I wasn't really looking for an answer, just throwing it out there.

However, when Dr. V stopped by this morning and asked how our night went I simply replied that it was relatively normal.  Nothing different than what we've been dealing with at home since our last discharge.   At that point he suggested that we could probably go home today - if I was okay with that!?!?  Are you kidding me?  Recovering at home is always better than recovering in hospital.  With no new prescriptions to wait for and no follow up appointments to make our discharge was unbelievably fast and painless.  We were out the doors by 10:30 this morning with Caelan waving bye and blowing a few kisses!!


  1. Sheer bliss

  2. Miraculous!!! So glad to hear you are back where you belong. This must be a record setter for sure :)) Heather xoxo

  3. Speechless...in a such a good way :-D

  4. Doing the happy dance here in NL ~ so happy to hear good news : ))))))