Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Living up to his wild reputation

Approximately a half hour after I got my update from Damian this morning all heck broke loose as Caelan decided he was done being intubated.  He extubated himself and his oxygen sats plummeted.  He couldn't have had better timing though.  ENT was gowning up outside his room (he's in isolation so everyone needs to do this) to come in for an update and we had the head nurse in his room at the time.  He was immediatly bagged to bring his sats back up and throughout it all his heart rate was stable.  Within a minute his room was full. There were two ENT Doctors, with their respective residents/interns/students (one day I'll figure out how the learning system works), only one respiratory therapist, three of the PICU nurses and the PICU staff Doctor, the PICU fellow, the PICU resident and a bunch of others.  It's quite amazing how many people can fit in his room.

Caelan had stabilized and they had time to prepare for the intubation.  I'm happy to say that it went smoothly.

With this most recent turn of events, as we had previously expected Caelan's meds have been increased significantly.  Both his morphine and versed infusions have been doubled.  They're not holding back on the "rock" either - that's the drug that works kind of like a temporary paralysis and makes it so he can't move at all.  He's also bought himself a new foley catheter and urology will be by to put that in as soon as they can.

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  1. Tanya, Just wanted to say thank you so much for these updates. I know how difficult (but helpful) they can be. We all appreciate them so much and appreciate that you take the time, and the emotional energy it takes to write them. The picture of Caelan is lovely. That smile knocks my socks off! Counting down until we see it again. I will be looking for your beautiful smile then too.
    Love you
    Jo XXOO