Tuesday, November 29, 2011

another conversation another time

I feel I need to lighten things up...  well maybe not, but I feel a giggle is in order after all the tears.

Here's another "outside the box" conversation from last week that's so typical around our house...

Setting - Daddy goes to wake Ryland up for school.

Daddy: Hey Ry. How are you liking the Jackie Chan book?  (sitting on the edge of her bed)

Ry: I like it.  (as she snuggles deeper under her covers trying to avoid morning)

Daddy:  He's a fun guy, eh?

Ry:  He's not a mushroom.

She hadn't even opened her eyes or lifted her head off the pillow yet.


  1. Sleepy talk is always good for a giggle.


  2. She is a smart cookie I can't even think straight never mind being a smarty pants in the morning:)Brings a smile to my face it is so what her Dad used to do!