Friday, October 15, 2010


We had no nurse again last night, so tonights post might be a quick one.  I shouldn't complain.  I did get almost 7 hours of sleep and that works fine... once in a while.  I like sleep.  I need (or really appreciate) 8 hours regularly.  Unfortunately, I still feel like I'm recovering from the three nights in a row last weekend without a nurse.  Wish I could just suck it up!  I think I did pretty well today.  I managed to keep up with Nana (my mom) for a full day of shopping!  It's only tonight that I'm fading fast.  I was so tired that the girls and I had peanut butter and honey sandwiches for dinner instead of turkey pot pie - that made me the bestest Mom ever!!
Nana and Grampsy arrived home from their European adventures Wednesday evening.  We can't wait to see all the pictures from Italy, Greece, Spain, England... geez, anyone else ready to retire?  We just need to win the lotto first! 
Nana was still here when the girls got home from school.  I would say they were pretty happy and excited to see her.  I tried to get a photo of all three kids and Nana, but of course that's easier said than done.  Caelan in all his big-boy-ness needed to sit by himself on the couch and not on anyones lap.  That's his new thing.  He wants to sit on the kitchen chairs or the couch all by himself... all Mr. Independant baby is growing up... 2 next week... can't believe it!

Nurse Jenn is here, goodnight all!

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