Saturday, October 23, 2010

CHEO Trio together again


Logan all smiles
Last Sunday we had the pleasure of having the CHEO Trio join us for brunch.  It was great to see everyone and see how much the boys have grown.  It's been about two years since we first met in the NICU and created a bond that just grows stronger every year. 

These women are amazing!  They are both back at work, juggling careers that have them travelling, on top of all those appointments at CHEO and all the other family-home stuff.  I don't know how they do it.  They are raising some miraculous little boys and doing a fantastic job.  They have help, and I’d probably hear about it if I didn’t mention their other halves… yah, yah, their husbands are great too, real hands-on Dads…  Seriously, they’re pretty wonderful. J

Working together to get the truck out of the bag

Two truly special families and I am so honoured to call them our friends.  It’s so nice to have people in your life that just ‘get it’.  These people don’t judge, they really understand where you’re coming from.

It's awesome to see these boys interact and remind us of how far they've come...


Then today the CHEO Trio were together again for Logan's birthday party!  What an amazing opportunity his parents gave us and I don't even know if they realize how much it meant to me!  This was a REAL little birthday party with a bunch of 2 year olds running around and my son was included in that.  He had a BLAST!!  He was so excited!  This was by far the most children he's ever seen outside of the hospital and he didn't know where to look or who to watch.  It was overwhelming at moments to see him so happy to be around all these other little people and participating in all the activities.  It was a bit frustrating at moments too when other parents would say "watch out for the baby" - this got my overly sensitive back up, thinking:  He's NOT a baby! He's the same age as your little guy, just scooting on his bum!!  I know it shouldn't, heck, I still call him my baby.  Regardless how irrational, it irked me!  The kids were accepting and indifferent to Caelan's "special needs", but parents are always curious. 

I need to get to a local playgroup.  Caelan needs to get that social interaction.  I know that.  I really believe that will help him a lot.  A little dose of good ole' toddler peer pressure!  I also know that I'll be worried about all the germs he'll be exposed to there.  (I'm happy to say that I only thought about it once, or maybe twice, at todays party!)  On the other hand his sisters must be bringing home a lot of the same bugs from school anyway... right?  Then there's the parents... and the questions... and rehashing Caelan's story... over and over...  Oh well thoughts for another day!  Today was all about the PARTY!!! 

Birthday Boy, covered in pizza, not too sure about all this singing!

Joanna and Cami in his hard hat!


Caelan in his Bob the Builder hard hat
maracas are FUN!

drums, drums everywhere... but I've got the ball!

Caelan under the parachute
Cami loving the breeze under the parachute

Playing the drum for Cami

Partying is exhausting - asleep on the way home

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