Monday, October 18, 2010

dress shopping

In case you didn't know, my sister is getting married in February.  I will be the matron of honour, long time friend and chosen sister Tammy will be a bridesmaid and my daughters will be flower girls.  On Saturday we went dress shopping for the girls.  At 9 and 7, they already have too many opinions about what they'd like to wear and what dresses they like best... and they aren't afraid to share their opinion!  I'm glad they know what they like and aren't afraid to speak up, but sometimes...
No dresses were purchased, no decisions made.  I think this was my favourite part of the outing:
(from left to right) pralines and cream, chocolate chipcookie dough, superkid,
and 1/2 scoop triple chocolate fudge and 1/2 scoop french crisp!


  1. Ice cream is the best part of any shopping trip!

  2. If ice cream = shopping then I want to go shopping with you!!!