Thursday, October 28, 2010

day off for mom

ok, so in the middle of the great poop fiasco I took a day off.
I think I might have been missed as I came home to some disasters... or perhaps my husband is sending me the message that he doesn't like when I'm away...  'disasters' is probably too strong a word.

On Tuesday I went out for dinner for an opportunity to catch up with a colleague from Mississauga.  It's always great to hear about what everyone's up to especially since I'm terrible at keeping in touch!  After dinner I headed straight out to the Haven to spend the night at my Dad's because we would be leaving bright and early the following morning for Markham.  My Aunt lives there and my Dad makes the trip once a month to visit her.  I wish I could go with him more often.

My Aunt is fighting Alzheimer's and let's just say it sucks!  She doesn't really know who I am when I'm there.  She's such an important part of my life and I hate seeing her like this.  I miss her so much and regret not spending more time with her when she remembered.  I love hearing her reminiscs with my Dad but even those memories are starting to get mixed up.  It's a hard visit but it's so worth it.  Anyway, I digress...

We ended up staying a little longer than we had planned so I phoned Damian on the way home to let him know I'd be late.  I arrived home to find everyone in bed.  This morning I discovered the following;

Caelan has a new gooseegg and bruise on his forehead directly on top of the last one, just bigger.
Caelan had a gazillion dirty diapers throughout the day and no nap...
oh yah and this morning we're out of pedialyte.
Darcy fell off the top step of the bunk bed - backwards.  Scratched and bruised but ok.
Dinner dishes all piled up in the kitchen.

Oh alright, it's not that bad, the list isn't that long!  It could have been a lot worse.  It's just the control freak in me peaking through...  I do find it hard to be away ... again not sure how that will go with return to work.
I know that being home with a sick boy isn't fun and can make your day go in a completely different direction than you had originally thought and that nights being solo parent are always an adventure...  Just glad I got to share the experience.

Edit ... and my basil plant has disappeared off the counter??

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