Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ryland called herself a Goddess of Blood, Darcy a French Country girl, and Caelan as Alfie Jr.
It was agreed that there weren't as many houses giving out treats this year, but that the ones that were gave out lots!  Here's Darcy with all her loot and some of Ry's... Caelan and I didn't get nearly the number kids at the door as we have in the past either, so lots of leftovers too!


  1. Love the costumes good idea for Caelan's although he is much more handsome.

  2. Love the costumes and Caelan as Alfie works great! We did not get a ton of kids either but we had a TON of treats! I think before closing doors Jimmy was just giving out a big handful to each kid.

  3. Ryland you look just like I imagined you would by our phone conversation, I love the sleeves of your dress. Darcy you are such a hat girl you make a great country girl:) In my previous post meant that Caelan is more handsome than Alfie:) Heidi we were Jimmy at the end we were giving out handfuls each too we did not want a lot left over.