Sunday, August 7, 2011

the 48+ hour playdate!

Ryland was off on her camping adventure this past weekend so we invited one of Darcy's BFF's over for a playdate/sleepover that we then extended to a double sleepover!  First one ever!!  The girls were pretty happy about it. 

You may remember this post, from way back when... These girls were fast friends when we first moved out here and they were on the same bus in kindergarten.  Unfortunately, back in Grade 1 their teacher felt it would be better if the girls got some distance so they spent Grade 2 in different classes.  At the same time, we ended up with a different bus route.  The girls were seperated and I wondered if the friendship would survive.  I should have known better since there was still recess after all!

I think this was their first playdate this summer, actually their first in quite a while, but you'd never know it.  It was like no time has passed at all.  They get along so well.  They just played and played and played and then played some more. They went through the Polly Pockets and dress up clothes, the Barbies and Pet Shops, and of course stuffies and swimming!!!


  1. Great picture! I am happy they had such a great time. =)

    Auntie Toad

  2. Precious pic-- get Mom to frame that one Darcy!