Monday, August 15, 2011


What is it with kids and grass?

When the grass is green and healthy I love to walk around outside in my barefeet.  However when it's dry and brittle like ours is in the back yard I kind of have the same reaction as Caelan...

Crunchy grass is no fun! 

For Caelan it doesn't much matter, either way it's a definite 'no go'!  Up, up, up he signs frantically after just signing down, down, down before his feet touched the grass.  The big bottom lip comes out and the tears aren't far behind.

Actually, none of our kids enjoyed the pleasure of walking in grass at a young age.  Now's another story of course, you can barely get shoes on the girls in the summer!

I guess it would make sense that children's feet are more sensitive, and Caelan's maybe even more so...  He certainly hasn't hardened the skin on the bottom of his feet.  There are no calluses caused by constant friction or pressure.  They just haven't toughened up.  They're still young and tender, soft and new.

So with that in mind, maybe the grass is really picky for his little feet.  Maybe they do call them blades of grass for a reason??

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