Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday

Caelan's dietician went on leave months ago.  I wasn't too concerned as we had moved from weekly visits, to bi-weekly, to monthly and had started quarterly visits.  Then Caelan had that slight dip in weight before Christmas and we were back to regular visits again.  We had increased his diet to 5 cans and then that was the last we saw of him.

We did have one very brief visit from an uninterested temporary replacement.  She most obviously hadn't read Caelan's file and had no opinions or real advice.  Honestly I felt it was a waste of time because it was obvious that we were on our own until our usual dietician was back.  Nobody else was going to guide us on this.  So during that visit I decided we would reduce his diet to 4.5 cans because I was concerned that 5 was really too much and I felt that maybe we had acted too quickly about that tiny loss of weight.  She easily agreed and asked when we wanted her to come back.  I said that I didn't think we had any major concerns and that we'd wait for our usual dietician's return.

Well as the months and months passed we grew concerned for our dietician.  We knew he'd been hospitalized and wondered what was going on.  We didn't push the issue as really our initial concern with Caelan was growth and weight gain and it was quite clear to us that he was indeed gaining!

Then we found out that our dietician was no longer employed there.  We were quite surprised that nobody had called us, and then on the other hand we weren't.  All his files were probably split up and dropped on others who already had a full case load.  Who knew where Caelan's file might be?!  So we picked up the phone and called.

We were able to get a new dietician who is based out of OCTC.  She had received Caelan's file and they had their first visit on Monday when Caelan was already there for occupational therapy and speech language.

So how'd he do?

He weighed in around 34lbs. and measured about 84cm tall.

That puts him in the 75 percentlie for weight (sounds good right?) and only the 10th percentile for height (oh, maybe not so much).

Well weight gain is still a concern, but certainly not the lack of... it's that he's become a chunky monkey!! 

He's been reduced to 4 cans.  (We're not calling it a diet.)

Now the boy needs to grow taller!!

Stretch Caelan, STRETCH!!!


  1. Oh if only it was that easy to get taller, if you happen to find the secret to growing taller please share with the whole family:)

  2. I think he weighs as much as Ella if not more! Good! It'll be fair competition then!