Sunday, August 28, 2011

September Supplies

Isn't this a bit absurd?? 

Ry's Grade Five Supply List:

18 Duo tangs - 4 blue, 4 green, 2 yellow, 2 white, 2 red, 2 orange, 2 any colour
4 pocket folders/portfolios (like duotangs only with pockets)
1 pkg of plain white paper (not lined)
24 pencils (sharpened please)
1 pencil sharpener with container
2 blue pens
2 red pens
6 white erasers
1 set of 24 pre sharpened pencil crayons
1 set of markers
3 highlighters
2 protractors (1 for home, 1 for school)
1 calculator
1 30cm clear coloured rigid ruler
1 pair of metal blade scissors
4 large glue sticks
1 large ziploc type bag (to store school supplies at school)
1 pkg of pre cut tennis balls (for chair legs)
2 boxes facial tissues
1 set of headphones for the computer

Students are also engouraged to have
Pencil case
Indoor running shoes
French\English Dictionary
Bescherelle (original green French verb-only is best: Le nouveau Bescherelle 1. L'art de conjuguer dictionnaire de 12 000 verbes)

Darcy's Grade Three Supply List:

16 duotangs – 4 red, 4 blue, 4 green, 4 yellow
2 twin pocket folders (different colours)
24 HB good quality pencils pre-sharpened
2 red pens, 2 blue pens
1 set of pencil crayons pre-sharpened
1 set of 24 washable markers
3 highlighters
6 erasers – white, good quality
1 pencil sharpener with lid
2 plastic pencil case boxes
6 large white glue sticks (40 gm)
1 pair metal blade scissors
3 large Ziploc bags
2 boxes of Kleenex
1 30cm ruler
1 pair of gym / indoor shoes (no black sole)
4 tennis balls (pre-cut)
French/English dictionary (a very good one is Larousse Dictionnaire school Francais/Anglais Simple et Facile)

I think so...

There are some things that we have from last year and a few things I've picked up already but the majority of these lists will have to be purchased this week.  We've picked up new school bags and lunch bags because they certainly don't last more than a year - IF they make it through the year!  Oh, and back to school hair cuts will be needed too!  Luckily, grandparents took care of the back to school outfits!!  SO THANKFUL!

What do you think? 

I'm curious to know how this list compares to your child's.  So leave a comment and let me know!


  1. It is comparable...I was shocked when we first moved to NL. The only items purchased for the kids when they went to school in Orleans was the lunch bag, backpac, agenda for $15 plus a box of Kleenex & ziploc bags..the rest supplied by the school. I'm told that was b/c they went to a Catholic school, I dunno.... They ask you to send in all this stuff with no labels..I'm thinking it is shared with the "less fortunate". Really who uses 6 erasers? Oh and I "love" shapening this darn pencils! Do they make it to school with points intact? Then right after Christmas we get notes from the teacher..the children have run out of glue sticks..really I didn't see that many art projects? And a new pencil sharpener and pencils and is endless.
    T : )

  2. This is wild I am so curious how they keep track of all these supplies? Why not have just what is required to start I agree who uses 6 erasers? Seems like this is a total waste and not teaching the children to be environmentally friendly use a supply and then replace it, excess is not a lesson that should be taught in the classroom. Just my two cents worth!

  3. Your 18 duo tangs is ridiculous, I would complain. And ah your kids have no lined paper or workbooks what are they taking notes on??
    I myself also refuse to buy tennis balls because I figure if an entire board of educators who are teaching future generations can not figure out how to order chairs that do not scrape or make noise on the floor,then we have bigger problems than just flooring. It's not like school boards order 10 chairs... I am pretty sure they could go to the manufacturer and say this is a problem, what can be done to fix it? Crazy!

  4. What the - tennis balls for chairs - really?????