Thursday, August 4, 2011

doing it again

I'm obsessing.
Over a book.
Well it is the final one in a series of six.
Still I can't stop thinking about it.
That's how I am.
I enjoy reading that much.
I get completely engrossed and entranced.
Every spare moment is spent with those characters.
Every other moment is spent waiting and anticipating.
I love when a book captures me in this way.
At the same time I think it can't be healthy.
I need to focus, prioritize and be more productive.
But you know what?
There will be time for that when I'm done the book.


  1. What book is it? I know what you mean a good many great dinners have come out a little on the burnt side all because of a good book:)

  2. Never mind the above comment I figured it out all by myself okay I was a little slow but it is still early in the day :) I have never read any of this series A Vampire Academy Novel may have to if they are that good. xx

  3. And you wonder why you are always telling Ryland to put her book away! LOL

  4. This is soooo you Tan-don't change!