Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Challenge Friday (2)

So here we are at week two of our Photo Challenge Fridays, inspired by debiehive.

2. Favourite pair of shoes

Me:  Darcy, why are these your favourite shoes?
Darcy: They look cool!
Me:  Anything else?
Darcy:  Nope!

Does anyone else wish that all of life's decisions were that easy?

For me this was a much harder challenge. 
As my husband points out regularly we girls have 'way too many pairs of shoes'. 
Trying to choose just one fave was a bit tricky since there are so many categories.  There are my favourite heels, my favourite runners, my favourite sandals, my favourite boots, etc... Yet when it comes down to it, comfort goes a long way and in the summer time it's these crocs that I reach for the most often.
Probably just overthinking this like I do every other aspect of life. 

Note: I really thought Ry would be joining us on this challenge, but once again she's not home as we prepare this post on Thursday night.  Ryland, Damian and his parents are at the Capital Hoedown enjoying some Kenny Chesney Live!  So I may be putting in some edits and adding her photos tomorrow night - if we remember!!  Or maybe I think she has more interest in photography than she actually does?!?  Never know...


I could have guessed that Ry would pick her fuzzy lined-no laces-high tops with skulls design on the side -- that was a fabulous $5 on clearance find!!

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  1. Fun to see the differences in all three girls, one for pink and pretty, one for comfort and one with sculls and cool stuff (don't know the terminology the older kids use these days gramma is showing her age:). Three girls, three different ideas fun!