Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Seedling Update

Remember these ...  saturday seedlings??

Hard to believe they've gone from that to this...

pumpkin with the lens cap from our camera
roma tomatoes waiting to go red
couple of red cherry tomatoes ready for my tummy!
I'm still looking for zucchini recipes, because they just keep coming and coming...  the problem is that it really is too hot for baking anything!!


  1. Grill, grill, grill them!


  2. I chop Dad's zuch's into small chunks and ziplock them and use them in everything I make all winter-spag/stew/soup---- Mom shreds and feezes to use in baking all winter....and just like Toad grilled - many meals inclue this in the summer--- I've used a gilled slice of eggplant as a veg. burger-- you could try that with zuch too??? Will email you cute lyrics from a song....

  3. I also meant to say "holy pumpkins"!!!

    Toad xox