Wednesday, August 31, 2011

point form catch up thoughts

It's been a long week.
Like one long, spinning, whirl wind.

Girls were at Gramma and Grampa's last week.
Switched the girls' rooms.
No nurse on Tuesday night.
Finish painting Ry's room.
Change the floors in Ry's room.
Move in new furniture and set up Ry's room.
Pre-assessement with anaesthesiology for Caelan's bronch.
Nerves are set in motion.
Breakfast at Broadway with Girls, Gramma and Grampa.
Re-organize Darcy's room.
Flabbergasted over school supply lists.
Pig roast on Saturday night.
No nurse on Saturday night.
Wasted respite on Sunday afternoon.
Double sleepovers on Sunday night.
Girls gone wild.
Girls giggling long into the night morning.
Monday work: training is done!
Sigh of relief.
Anxious for bronchoscopy.
Tummy is a mess.
This is fake surgery - no incisions.
Still freaking over school supply lists.
Caelan fasting from midnight on.
Help make dill pickles.
Arrive for day surgery at 12:20.
Bronch scheduled for 2:30pm.
Everything is set for surgery next Thursday.
5 hour surgery
Plan for one week sedated + two weeks withdrawal
in hospital.

That's the moment when I feel my brain officially turned to mush.
This is really happening.
One month from now all should be FABULOUS!!
Between now and then however, is going to be a lot like hell.


  1. Oh my...wish I was closer..((hugs)) September will be a hard month for you and the fam..chin up : ) YOU CAN DO THIS!

    Think about the party in October..just in time for Mr C's 3rd birthday : )

  2. Tan -- you are doing great, your whole family is. Be the bear of little brain. I am sure this little vent probably did help you clear your mind though. Life is going to get easier... but not any less busy -- you realize that - right!??